Training & Employment

Free Training, Confidence
Building & Outing Activities
For Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women

Every year thousands of refugee Kurdish and Middle Eastern women and children who have sought asylum and refuge in this country suffer isolation, deprivation, depression and abuse. These women and children often suffer silently and community does not know how to help.

Kurdistan Refugee Women Organisation works to assist abused Middle Eastern and Kurdish women to build their confidence, come out of isolation, and gain new skill to rebuild their lives.
We would like to hear from groups and projects, which work with Kurdish and Middle Eastern women. This project is funded by The Big Lottery.

Reaching Community Project
Aims to achieve this work through: 2007-2010

• Establishing friendship and peer support amongst women and reduce isolation
• Improving the educational levels and vocational opportunities of Kurdish women
• Provide outgoing activities, tours and visits to reduce isolation
• To provide group work and experience sharing activities
• Organising and providing access to information seminars, workshops and training courses to receive useful   information and discuss concerns

For further information on activities of Reaching to Community Project, please contact us on:

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