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Case Studies

Another case which adequately represents our frequent work routine is that of Ms R, who came to this Country on a spouse visa to join her husband. After about two years her husband began to abuse her and she went to the BRS for help. They referred her to us partly because her visa was due to expire in about 14 day’s time and her husband had refused to apply for a renewal.

She was asked to tell us everything about the relationship with her husband and to the best of her recollection how, when and where she was attacked. She told us that she was regularly raped, physically attacked and deprived on money with which to purchased personal needs. We advised her that she should go to the police and make a statement about what had happened and that if she was attacked in the future she should call the police.
We then contacted a solicitor on her behalf to deal with the visa issue and to make an appointment for her to meet them.

The solicitor agreed to take up the case and subsequently won indefinite leave to remain. During that time we continue to help her with benefit claims and housing and she is now gradually be integrated into community.